September 07th + 08th 2019, castle park Rotenburg (Fulda)

May 16th + 17th 2020, 2 castles, Lüdinghausen

Around the splendid castle of Vischering and the beautiful castle park in Rotenburg,  the most creative folks of Europe will present all their artistry, crafts and skills.

You need impressions? - Watch this Video!

The adorable atmosphere provides an almost perfect scenery for cultural and culinary highlights, where either various fabulous (elves, goblins, dwarfts, ...), pirates and vikings, Victorian steampunks, medieval knights as well as visitors of all kinds and ages can feel special and extraordinary.

In ANNOTOPIA there aren´t any conventions, there´s no right or wrong, barriers in thoughts or acting don´t exist.

...ANNOTOPIA is new und inspiring, curios and sometimes bizarre but always full of love and geniality.

From primeval dinosaurs to futuristic fictual Star Wars heroes - you will meet them all on you journey through ANNOTOPIA!

After the great premiere last year we will be back again in 2019 ...

... at wonderful Burg Vischering in Lüdinghausen on May 25th till May 26th

... and at beautiful castle park in Rotenburg (Fulda) on 07th till 08th of September.


Soon you can get any information here on this website as well as via Twitter and Facebook.